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Missed Michelle? Well she’s been found hiding at TBF


Michelle Romanis was one of the leading headliners for True Teen Latinas. She even had her own site which is now archived, http://www.MichelleRomanis.com

Somehow, some way, the good guys at TBF have been releasing hot new photo shoots of miss glamour in some very daring outfits lingerie and swimwear.

Join TBF today and get access to several and I mean SEVERAL awesome latin teen models including ALL of Michelle’s archived site.  Teen Beauty Fitness


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Latin Lolita Looking Zassy – The Lovely, Laurita Vellas

Latin Lolita Looking Zassy – The Lovely, Laurita Vellas

All grown up this week and still only 16! Little Laurita still has her own archive site. You can see her transformation from little girl to pretty much full grown young woman. http://lauritavellas.com/

To see the rest of her more recent photographs and videos, check out TTL Models, http:www.TTLModels.com

There you’ll see the lovely Laurita Vellas as well as dozens of the most stunning latin teen models you’ll lay your eyes on.

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Boom, Boom, Boom! That’s the sound of Sofy’s Boomin’ System

Boom, Boom, Boom! That’s the sound of Sofy’s Boomin’ System

You won’t want her to turn it down. See more of new latin teen sensation Sofy at TTL Models. http://www.TTLModels.com

Oh, yeah. She has friends. LOTS of friends and they all love to dance around in their underwear or sassy, sheer lingerie.

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Andrea Hernosa Dominates The World

Andrea Hernosa Dominates The World

This is one of the first videos posted on the TTL Models site, http://www.TTLModels.com Andrea Hernosa is a natural talent with style, personality and of course, beauty.

Her shapes need no touch-ups or alterations. Just hard work and good genes make her perfect for world domination. You can also check out her solo site at http://www.AndreaHernosa.com for even hotter teen glamour model work.

Andrea Hernosa ©