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Juicy Curves – Latin Teenager – Jaw Dropping Sheer Dress


vlcsnap-error454 vlcsnap-error594 vlcsnap-error687This is Luciana. She is 16 years old and yes, all natural from head to toe. She comes from the same genes as Sofia Vergara…. as you can see.

Well the video is barely legal and freaking fantastic. She’s having a great time and loves to shake those curves.

Find out more, Teen Beauty Fitness where you’ll find fantastic, teen fitness models from South America.


TBF – Teen Beauty Fitness, “It’s Full of Stars”


Just a quick post with TBF! Loads of updates and the best latin teen models on the planet!

Just some quick snapshots from the gigs and gigs of HD videos you can download.  They’re great examples of the kind of beautiful and fit models you’ll see. Join today and start exploring this wonderful world of teen glamour modeling.




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Little Lolita Louisa Herrera Gives You The Pink Slip

Little Lolita Louisa Herrera Gives You The Pink Slip

Louisa pushes the envelope with her latest addition to the HUGE TTL Models collection.

And not just one slip, but several, choice bits are included in this pink delight of a photo shoot.

Remember that Lousia has those beautiful, full lips and darling freckles. Her shape is nothing to laugh at and she’ll knock you out with one bump from her hips.

Join the fun by supporting this little lolita in her modeling career. http://www.TTLModels.com is the site, you’ll fine Lousia and dozens of other tiny exotic teens.

TTL Models ©

Annie Velez – Shock & Awe (Little Latin Lolita)

Annie Velez – Shock & Awe (Little Latin Lolita)

The juxtaposition of this HQ video is just.. Well it left me in Shock & Awe!

I realize that Annie Velez is a young teen model with grown up tattoos, but the outfit and look she has on this week makes me feel guilty for watching and just pushes the limits.

Join up on the TTL site and you can see for yourself if you feel guilty afterwards.

TTL Models ©

Dainty Daniela Dancing in Red Lacey Lingerie

Dainty Daniela Dancing in Red Lacey Lingerie

Great moves and stunning stares from Daniela Florez this week. She looks primed and ready for Valentines Day.

Enjoy the New Year and enjoy sweet Daniela for a WHOLE MONTH for around a dollar a day. Check out her site as well as these previews to help your decision. Twice a week, I’m always glad I subscribe and support her teen glamour career.

http://www.DanielaFlorez.com is the website, click it and enjoy.

Daniela Florez ©

Valentina Ortega listens to her Dentist, It’s Time to Floss

Valentina Ortega listens to her Dentist, It’s Time to Floss

I guess technically this is a one piece swimsuit fitted like a rubber band on the very young, very beautiful Valentina Ortega.

The dentist let me know that she’s doing fine and flosses very well. Help Valentina pay her dentist bill this month with a subscription to TTL Models. http://www.TTLModels.com

You’ll be glad you did, and just think about all the beautiful smiles you can create in the world of glamour modeling.

Click HERE for a checkup ©

Andrea Hernosa Dominates The World

Andrea Hernosa Dominates The World

This is one of the first videos posted on the TTL Models site, http://www.TTLModels.com Andrea Hernosa is a natural talent with style, personality and of course, beauty.

Her shapes need no touch-ups or alterations. Just hard work and good genes make her perfect for world domination. You can also check out her solo site at http://www.AndreaHernosa.com for even hotter teen glamour model work.

Andrea Hernosa ©

Valentina Model May Be in Camo, But You Can See Everything


Simply some of the most awesome teen glamour on the planet this week. The ultra busty Valentina Model dancing in the back yard in sheer camo bikini.

I love the irony that she’s wearing camo but you can see everything. Dark long hair, tall and lean, just a great teen model.

Join her each week as she works on getting better and better at this. http://www.ValentinaModel.com

Go HERE to make a Discovery! ©

Nicole Montoya following the pool rules showering herself before going on a swim!!!

Nicole Montoya following the pool rules showering herself before going on a swim!!!

TTL MODELS presenting this young blonde teen named Nicole wearing her green undies to the pool shower. Her face looks full of pleasure from the mountain water hitting her soft skin and they way her lips look its hard to look away from this TTL exclusive photo-set.
Check out more amazing work by TTL models on the link below!

TTL MODELS – still photos & videos ©

Thirteen year old Heidy is dazzling the camera with her smile.

Thirteen year old Heidy is dazzling the camera with her smile

Thirteen year old model extraordinaire Heidy knows how to work the camera like a pro!!!
Her smile is very natural and you can tell she has lots of fun performing her craft. Her orange undies and the way she strikes her poses, produce some serious glamour work from this TTL Models star.
Follow her career and growing portfolio in her own website!!!

More of Heidy’s friends at TTL Models ©

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