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Missed Michelle? Well she’s been found hiding at TBF


Michelle Romanis was one of the leading headliners for True Teen Latinas. She even had her own site which is now archived, http://www.MichelleRomanis.com

Somehow, some way, the good guys at TBF have been releasing hot new photo shoots of miss glamour in some very daring outfits lingerie and swimwear.

Join TBF today and get access to several and I mean SEVERAL awesome latin teen models including ALL of Michelle’s archived site.  Teen Beauty Fitness


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Annie Velez – Shock & Awe (Little Latin Lolita)

Annie Velez – Shock & Awe (Little Latin Lolita)

The juxtaposition of this HQ video is just.. Well it left me in Shock & Awe!

I realize that Annie Velez is a young teen model with grown up tattoos, but the outfit and look she has on this week makes me feel guilty for watching and just pushes the limits.

Join up on the TTL site and you can see for yourself if you feel guilty afterwards.

TTL Models ©

Just Another Day In Paradise with Angelita Model

Just Another Day In Paradise with Angelita Model

A light tropical breeze flutters her long hair, a young girl dancing around in her underwear out on the lanai soaking up the sun and thinking of what trouble she’ll get into today. What will happen next for young glamour model Angelita??

Become a member of her fanclub today and find out in high def. Angelita has her own site for many good reasons, mainly becase she looks this way and dresses this way, you get the idea.

Her website is http://www.AngelitaModel.com and to join the club is only around a dollar a day for loads of high quality photos and videos of beautiful Angelita, dancing in the sun.

Angelita Model ©